Aspen Trees at Breckenridge

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Published: 12th September 2008
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Say goodbye to hot summer days for white water rafting, fly fishing, the beach and sun tanning. Longing for a perfect escape after the sizzling summer sun quietly tuck itself away as autumn approaches. You might be counting down days until you say hello to snow covered ski mountains. What about getting into your car, into 1-70 and drive all the way to Breckenridge, Colorado. This quintessential town is home to quaking aspen covered mountains. Colorado might not top the picturesque glorious fall foliage of New England and the Midwestern autumns but the changing leaves of the aspen trees comes too close.

Aspen trees abound the northern hemisphere of North America. Aspens colonize the Rocky Mountains and especially bountiful in Utah and Colorado. Quaking Aspens inhabit the mountain towns like Breckenridge. The Quaking Aspen, as it is famously known for its heart-shaped leaves of bright green that turns to spectacular tints of red, yellow, and almost gold color. Quaking Aspen gets its name because of the flattened petioles or leaf stalks that bend twist and quiver when the wind passes through it, emanating a curious sound. Above all else, the bright green colored leaves turn to reddish-brown, yellow or almost golden hue during autumn. A visitor swears by the grandeur of the trees, recalling how the tall, slender, white-colored bark seemingly stretches upwards forever, while the golden leaves whisper sweet nothings on his ear. A phenomenon worth experiencing. A sight to behold, one would want to take a closer look. So, go ahead and take a hike, bring a bike to cover more areas or better yet, make it a good excuse to take an untreaded trail and get your senses lost with the sight and sounds of the aspens. Surely one would experience an overwhelming sense of beauty and grandeur of the aspen trees, don't forget to take lots of pictures!

A perfect time to visit and experience this magnificent golden mountain landscape is mid-September. Just as soon as the weather starts to cool, the leaves start to change hue. Don't blink! You just might miss the moment. One should remember that the leaves just might start to fall early when summertime is particularly dry. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing, it's almost always a certainty of a snow storm hitting Colorado before Halloween comes, a dramatic changes in the temperature will likely make the leaves loose its grip too early. However, the quaking aspens never disappoint. Like clockwork, they always make an appearance around this time of year. Since Colorado natives are aspen-crazy, local television stations usually provide regular updates on the leaves status. They usually recommend the best time, date and place to watch the leaves change their color. Additionally, the weather would just be warm enough to enjoy the quaint suburbs of Breckenridge and the equally warm people who add more reason for you to visit since they normally host a series of festive activities that would give you more excuse to stay longer.

Breckenridge, Colorado is perfect to visit all year round. Escape the hustle and bustle of the urban world and trade in the breathtaking view of the gold covered aspen mountains. One visit and you'll find yourself keep coming back for more. Enjoy the sights and sound of the changing Quaking Aspen trees.

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